How do I take a screenshot/screen capture?

On a computer or laptop:

Find a button on your computer keyboard that reads "Print Screen" (often abbreviated as PrtSc, PRTSC, Prscr, Prt Scrn, or Ps/SR). By pressing this button, your computer will take an image of your current screen and save it to your clipboard.

From here you can open a program like PAINT, copy and paste the image and select File > Save As to save the image for sending.

Alternatively, on Windows-based operating systems, you may wish to use the Snipping Tool.

To use the snipping tool, start by opening the tool, select NEW, highlight only the area you wish to screen capture, once the image is captured you can immediately select SAVE AS and save the capture as an image directly to your computer.

On Android and iOS mobile devices:

Press the home and power buttons at the same time. Your screen should 'flash' and the screenshot will be saved to your gallery.

NOTE: Before sending screenshots or captures to Player Support, please pay careful attention to the information visible on the image. If there is any personal information beyond your name and/or email, it is required that you send the image through a secure method for your protection. Uploading directly to your account (via My VIP> My Documents) is the most secure method of sending us copies of IDs and payment account verifications. Never submit such things through regular email or chat.


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