What is geolocation and how does it work?

By law, you must be physically located in the state of Pennsylvania to play PA Lottery games online for real money or bonus funds. Your location is verified by a process called geolocation.

Your device’s location services, GPS and Wi-Fi help the geolocation plugin determine that you are currently in Pennsylvania while accessing the online games.
On a mobile device, such as phone or tablet, the geolocation is a feature on the PA Lottery Official App. The app must be installed so the geolocation can determine you are in Pennsylvania.
When playing on a computer, you must install the geolocation plugin by logging in to your PA iLottery account and visiting “My VIP” > “Check My Location” and following the download prompt. It will then be able to determine your computer’s location at the time of play.

Note: You can deposit and withdraw money into/from your PA iLottery account while outside of Pennsylvania, but you will not be permitted to play.

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