On a computer, how do I install/uninstall the geolocation plug-in?

To install the Geolocation plugin on your computer, log in to your PA iLottery account, select “My VIP” then select “Check My Location” from the menu list. There you will see the option to download the plugin. Please make sure that the pop-up prompts are enabled on the web browser you are using.


Using Google Chrome? Here's how to enable pop-ups:
• Click the lock icon that appears in the left of the address bar.
• Click on “Site Settings.”
• Scroll down to “Pop-ups and Redirects” and change to “Allow.”

Using Internet Explorer? Here's how to enable pop-ups:
• Copy our web address.
• Click Tools or the small cog symbol if you're using the latest version of Internet Explorer.
• Select Internet Options.
• When a new small window pops up, click the Privacy tab at the top.
• In the Pop-up Blocker section, click Settings.
• Paste our web address to the box that reads Address of website to allow.
• Click Add.

Using Firefox? Here's how to enable pop-ups:
• Click on the Firefox menu (Three lines in the upper right).
• Select the Lockpad icon on the left-hand side.
• Scroll down to “Permissions.”
• Next to “Block pop-up windows” select “Exceptions.”
• Paste our web address into the box.
• Click “Allow”, then “Save Changes.”

Using Safari? Here's how to enable pop-ups:
• Press the Command, Shift, and K keys all at the same time while on our website to bring up your pop-up preferences.

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