How do I verify my payment accounts?

After requesting a withdrawal of your funds from your PA iLottery account, you may be asked to verify the payment methods used. For security reasons, players are required to verify all accounts used for payments (both deposits and withdrawals). This verification is not optional.

Payment accounts are verified by uploading the requested documentation to your iLottery account via the “My Documents” page.

If you are using a mobile device and having trouble uploading through the app, you may need to take alternate steps.
• Open your mobile web browser and visit
• Once the website loads, select the browser menu (Aa in the upper left for Safari or the ellipsis ⋮ in the upper right for Chrome) and "Request Desktop Site."
• When the page has reloaded, you will be able to log in to the site as you would on the app and access the “My Documents” page to upload verification for your payment accounts.


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