Lucky Peggs

Purchase Price: The minimum price for a play in the Lucky Peggs game is $0.10, and the maximum play is $10.00. The entire play range is: $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $5.00 and $10.00.

Prizes/Chances of Winning: The prizes available to be won for this game and the chances of winning follow in the chart, below. The prize values shown below are based on a $1.00 play. The overall chances of winning in this game are 1 in 4.31.

$1 7.33
$2 17.60
$5 88.00
$6 122.22
$10 146.67
$13 352.00
$15 440.00
$16 550.00
$24 733.33
$25 880.00
$28 1,100
$38 1,467
$45 1,760
$70 2,933
$100 4,400
$150 5,867
$200 8,800
$325 17,600
$500 35,200
$1,000 58,667
$1,600 88,000
$2,000 146,667
Main Game Play Instructions:
Lucky Peggs is a pegboard-style game. A pegboard of 21 blue pegs and 2 red bonus pegs will appear on the main game screen, with a chicken above the pegboard play area, and three holes below the pegboard play area with a prize symbol underneath each hole. The player wins a prize by collecting an egg in a hole displaying a prize amount.
To begin a game, the player must select the plus or minus buttons to select the amount to BET and select the PLAY button. The player begins with three eggs. The player must select the chicken positioned at the top of the pegboard to drop an egg down the pegboard. Once the player selects the chicken, the prize amounts will rotate beneath the holes. As the egg descends the pegboard, it will fall into one of the holes underneath the pegboard and the prize amounts will stop.
The player wins the prize amount of the hole each egg lands in at the bottom of the pegboard. If the player hits both red bonus pegs by any of the three eggs, a BONUS egg will appear for an additional chance to send an egg down the pegboard for a prize.
The total amount won displays at the end of the game play sequence. The player receives
credit for the amount won in the BALANCE at the bottom of the screen 

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