Pyramid Riches

Purchase Price: The minimum price for a play in the Pyramid Riches game is $0.05, and the maximum play is $2.00.  The entire play range is: $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, and $2.00.

Prizes/Chances of Winning: The prizes available to be won for this game and the chances of winning are as follows.  The odds of winning for each individual YOUR NUMBERS played is 1 in 35.53.

$3 192.31
$4 294.12
$5 294.12
$8 294.12
$10 294.12
$15 500
$20 344.83
$30 1,000
$50 1,250
$75 2,703
$100 1,163
$150 2,439
$200 2,632
$250 100,000
$300 11,111
$400 6,250
$500 7,042
$600 16,667
$750 16,667
$800 25,000
$1,000 16,393
$2,000 200,000
$10,000 1,666,667

Main Game Play Instructions:

Pyramid Riches is key number match-style game.  A pyramid play grid appears on the main game screen containing 5 WINNING NUMBERS and 15 YOUR NUMBERS.  To win a prize, the player match any of YOUR NUMBERS with any of the WINNING NUMBERS displayed at the top of the play grid. 

To begin a game, the player must use the plus or minus buttons in the PLAYS box to play 1 to 15 of the YOUR NUMBERS in the play grid.  The player must next use the plus and minus buttons in the AMOUNT PER PLAY box to choose the amount to play and select the PLAY button.  The player may either manually select the WINNING NUMBERS and YOUR NUMBERS to reveal the number underneath or select the REVEAL ALL button to reveal all numbers at once.

Whenever a player matches one of the revealed numbers under a YOUR NUMBER to any of the WINNING NUMBERS, the player wins the corresponding prize shown under that number.

The total amount the player wins displays at the end of the game play sequence in the TOTAL WON box in the bottom of the screen.  The player receives credit for the amount won in the BALANCE box at the bottom of the screen.

BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD BONUS GAME Play Instructions:

The BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD BONUS GAME activates when the player reveals a BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD CAMEL symbol in the play grid during the main game play.  The player will select the GO button during the BONUS GAME, and win the prize shown.

Play Features:

Pyramid Riches has an AUTO PLAY feature.  To use this feature, the player must first select a PLAY AMOUNT using the plus or minus buttons. Then, the player must select the AUTO PLAY button, and choose the number of game rounds to play automatically.  The player must select the START AUTO PLAY button to start the number of selected rounds.  When the player presses the START AUTO PLAY button, the game will automatically play through the selected number of plays and amount per play.

To stop the AUTO PLAY feature, the player must select the STOP button.  The player may use the STOP button at any time to stop the AUTO PLAY games once the current game round has completed.  The AUTO PLAY sequence automatically stops when a player wins a prize that is subject to tax withholding.

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