Ca$hword Bonus

Purchase Price:  The minimum price for a play in the Ca$hword Bonus game is $0.05, and the maximum play is $4.00.  The entire play range is: $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00 and $4.00.

Prizes/Chances of Winning:  The chart, below, is based on a base game play of one WORD and $1.00.  The overall chances of winning in this game are 1 in 14.09.*

*The odds expressed here are the odds that a player will receive a prize for each of the 7 individual WORDS.  A player who selects all 7 WORDS plays a game with a 1 in 2.48 chance of winning a prize.

$1 90.91
$2 83.33
$3 200
$4 166.67
$5 83.33
$10 125
$15 263.16
$20 185.19
$25 3,289
$30 1,055
$35 1,799
$40 1,761
$45 1,908
$50 632.91
$55 2,212
$60 2,874
$65 5,000
$70 3,012
$75 22,727
$80 4,808
$90 4,032
$100 1,702
$105 13,889
$110 5,435
$120 6,944
$125 125,000
$130 12,500
$135 15,625
$140 25,000
$150 15,625
$165 17,857
$175 71,429
$180 41,667
$195 41,667
$200 83,333
$210 83,333
$225 83,333
$250 100,000
$275 100,000
$300 250,000
$325 250,000
$350 500,000
$500 50,000
$1,000 1,000,000

Main Game Play Instructions:

Ca$hword Bonus is a key letter match crossword-style game.  Ca$hword Bonus features a YOUR LETTERS area containing 15 letters and seven WORD areas that appear on the main game screen.  To win a prize, the player must completely match all the letters appearing in the WORDS selected to play with the letters contained in the YOUR LETTERS area.  A player matching the letters in this way will win the prize shown to the right of that WORD. 

To begin a game, the player must select the plus or minus buttons to set the AMOUNT PER WORD to play and select the PLAY button.  The player may either select each letter in the YOUR LETTERS area individually, or select the REVEAL ALL button to reveal all of the letters automatically.

As the player reveals letters in the YOUR LETTERS area, the corresponding letters in the crossword grid turn purple.  Any words the player matches completely turn yellow.  The player wins a prize shown to the right of the completed WORD.

The total amount the player wins displays at the end of the game play sequence.  The player receives credit for the amount won in the BALANCE in the bottom left corner of the screen.


The LUCKY LETTER BONUS Game activates when three or more yellow letters appear in the YOUR LETTERS area during main game play.  A wheel and 3 x 3 grid appear on the game screen.  The player selects the GO button on the wheel to collect NUMBERS and STARS.  The player wins the total prize shown when any column is filled.  If a player collects sufficient STARS as shown to the right of the game screen, the player multiplies the total prize won by the multiplier shown.

Play Features:

Ca$hword Bonus has an AUTO PLAY feature.  To use this feature, the player must first select the AMOUNT PER WORD using the plus or minus buttons and also adjust the number of PLAYS.  Then, the player must select the AUTO PLAY button, and then choose the number of game rounds to play automatically.  The player must select the START AUTO PLAY button to start the number of selected rounds.

To stop the AUTO PLAY feature, the player must select the STOP button.  The player may use the STOP button at any time to stop the AUTO PLAY games once the current game round has completed.  The AUTO PLAY sequence automatically stops when a player wins a prize that is subject to tax withholding.

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