Can I purchase online play at a PA Lottery retailer or any other ways?

Yes. There are two ways to purchase online play at a PA Lottery retailer and fund your online account: WebCash and PayNearMe.



You can purchase WebCash at any Pennsylvania Lottery retailer and use it to fund your online Lottery account. Visit any PA Lottery retailer and purchase WebCash from the touchscreen vending machines or cashier counter. You will receive a WebCash with a number printed on the front of the WebCash. Enter that number on the Cashier page to deposit the WebCash into your Lottery account.


  1. If you are already a registered player, please follow the instructions below to make a deposit into your account. Log in by entering your registered email address and password.
  2. Select My Account >Cashier.
  3. Choose WebCash as your designated payment method and follow the instructions.



Using the deposit method called PayNearMe, you can print or text a barcode to your account to fund it that way.


Simply take your barcode printout/ SMS to participating locations and use it to make a cash deposit to your wallet.  Using PayNearMe, there is maximum iLottery deposit limit of $500 per day.


At this time, the PayNearMe option is limited to participating locations: 7-Eleven, Family Dollar and CVS.

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