Neon Keno

Purchase Price: The minimum price for a play in the Neon Keno game is $0.10, and the maximum play is $10.00.  The entire play range is: $0.10, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, and $10.00.

 Prizes/Chances of Winning: The prizes available to be won for this game and the chances of winning are as follows.  The chart, below, is based on a base game play of $1.00.  The overall chances of winning in this game are dependent upon the number of SPOTS chosen by the player.


Main Game Play Instructions:

To begin a game, the player must select the PLAY AMOUNT and the number of SPOTS to play.  After selecting the number of SPOTS to play, the player will select a number on the play grid for each SPOT selected or select the QUICK PICK button to have the game select the play grid numbers at random. The SPOTS chosen by the player or computer will appear highlighted on the game screen. A player may select a highlighted SPOT a second time to deselect the SPOT. Once all selections are complete, select the PLAY button. The game will then randomly select 20 numbered play grid SPOTS. The player has the option to select the TURBO PLAY button to speed up the game’s selections. The player may subsequently select the SKIP button to reveal all matches.

Neon Keno is an interactive keno-style game.  A single 10 x 8 play grid appears on the main game screen. The player selects one to ten of the 80 numbered SPOTS on the play grid. The game then randomly selects 20 of the 80 numbered SPOTS on the play grid. To win a prize, the player must have selected one or more of the same play grid SPOTS that are selected randomly by the game.  The prizes players can win are divided into categories based on the number of SPOTS played.  Prizes are determined separately for each category. The PRIZE CHART displayed on the game screen will update with each SPOT matched.  A player may win a prize if no SPOTS are matched and an 8, 9, or 10 SPOT was played.

The player wins a prize determined by the number of SPOTS selected to play and the number of SPOTS the game randomly matches to the player’s selections. 

The total amount the player wins displays at the end of the game play sequence in the TOTAL WON box in the black bar in the bottom of the screen.  The player receives credit for the amount won in the BALANCE at the bottom of the screen.

Play Features:

Neon Keno has an AUTO PLAY feature.  To use this feature, the player must first choose the amount to play in the PLAY AMOUNT section and then select the AUTO PLAY button. The player will then select whether to automatically play 5, 10, 15, or 20 AUTO PLAY game rounds. The player must select the START button to start the selected amount of rounds.

To stop the AUTO PLAY feature, the player must select the STOP button.  The player may use the STOP button at any time to stop the AUTO PLAY games once the current game round has completed.  The AUTO PLAY sequence automatically stops when a player wins a prize that is subject to tax withholding.

Neon Keno has a QUICK PICK feature. Instead of manually selecting the desired number of SPOTS to play, a player may select the QUICK PICK feature to have the game randomly select the number of SPOTS chosen by the player in the SPOTS section.

Neon Keno has a CLEAR feature. After selecting the QUICK PICK button, manually selecting SPOTS, or at the beginning of a new game round, the player may select the CLEAR button to erase the previously selected SPOTS and choose new SPOTS.

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