How do I deposit using a bank account/online banking transfer?

VIP Preferred is a secure, convenient, online deposit and withdrawal method, offered by Global Payments VIP Preferred™. It can be used to transfer funds directly to and from your checking or savings account into your account.
  • Note: Using E-Check requires a US bank account. Deposit limits are subject to individual banking statuses, and are displayed upon enrolling in the VIP Preferred™ E-Check service.
To make an ‘E Check’ deposit, log into your account, click on My Account and select Deposit.
  • If you have not deposited using ‘VIP Preferred’ before, you will need to enroll in Global Payments VIP Preferred™ E-Check service.
  • If you have used ‘E-Check’ as a deposit method in the past: 
    • Login to your account, click on ‘My Account’ and select ‘Deposit.’
    • Click on the ‘Deposit’ button located on the ‘E-Check’ tab to continue; select the bank account you wish to deposit with and your desired deposit amount (note- a seven day revolving limit will be displayed, if you attempt to deposit more than your limit your transaction will be declined).
      • If you wish to increase your VIP Preferred™ E-Check limit, or to learn more about these limits, please click here. 
For more information about Global Payments VIP Preferred™ click here.

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